Our people: Reeve - from a student job to a full time engineering role

Reeve joined FindHotel early 2020 as a System Administrator. What began as a part time student job turned into a full time role as an engineer. He has helped with onboarding new team members, collaborated on employer branding projects and has continuously supported the team on the tech side. As part of his growth path at FindHotel he started his development as an engineer and he is continuously taking on challenges that contribute to his success. Read his story below.

How I got to FindHotel

In the beginning of 2020 I was a computer science student at the Vrije Universiteit, in the bustling city of Amsterdam. I was on the lookout for a student job and FindHotel had put out a job post for a part-time system administrator. When I was doing my research on the company, I remember being instantly drawn to the family-like culture feel that I got from the information I could find online.

I knew instantly that FindHotel would be a good fit for me and so I decided to give it a go and sent my application in. The whole interview process was very pleasant but as it went on I came to a realisation: that it is the people of FindHotel that made it successful. The team here are a talented bunch who are highly motivated and never step away from a challenge.

Growth in engineering

Another thing that I realised after speaking to Anton (the Head of Engineering back then) during the hiring process was that FindHotel had a lot of growth opportunities. He made me understand how the engineering growth model would help me grow as an engineer. The growth model does not focus only on developing technical skills but also on the all round development of the person and that was something that was very important to me as an aspiring engineer.

Supported to succeed

If you ask me what I love the most about FindHotel, I have to say that it is the continuous support I get from my colleagues. From day one, my team, Engineering Enablement Squad, have been patient with me and they always took the time to explain to me concepts that I didn't understand and how things are being done at FindHotel. Thanks to their support, I was able to grow from a part-time System Administrator to a full-time DevOps Engineer.

I've learnt ever since I joined the company. Not only did I improve my technical abilities, but I've learnt to be a better team player, to be pragmatic and to deliver results, all while having fun!

Currently there are plenty of open positions at FindHotel in various departments. If Reeve's story got your attention, check out our careers page and get in touch to explore the opportunities we have for you!