2021: our people in numbers

With just a few days before closing 2021, it is time to draw the line and look at this year’s success when it comes to the team. And what better way to do this if not with data, since we’ve been using it across the organisation and it is the core of how we operate here, at FindHotel.

Growth taken to the next level

When looking back at the year that we’re about to say goodbye to, we are grateful for all the learnings, the achievements but mostly for the strong team that we have today. If in 2020 our team has added 25 members, this year we welcomed 50 new colleagues and their onboarding is one of the things that kept us busy and engaged throughout the year. Them joining us lead to our engineering, people, customer support, analytics and data science, product, finance, design and business development teams growing bigger and continue pulling together in the same direction to get our travellers the best accommodation deal worldwide.

Number of new hires per team

Hire and work from anywhere in the world

Compared to previous years when most of our hires would relocate to the Netherlands and join us in our Amsterdam office, in 2021 50% of our new team members have been hired remotely. We’ve had our first colleague going remote in 2016. Ever since, we’ve come a long way when it comes to remote life at FindHotel, this year being quite significant for us as we introduced the home office policy meant to support every member no matter where they are located and where they choose to work from.

The fact that we were able to adjust successfully to remote work when the pandemic hit us in March 2020 and the high percentage of remote hires that increased over time shows us that although there is still improvement to be made, we are in fact doing a good job on that aspect.

Source of new hires

As it looks now, 63% of our team is located in the Netherlands, while 37% is remote, spread over 14 countries. Although in general we don’t have any location preference when hiring, we are looking forward to see to which new territories we will expand next year.

Going even more international

We’re proud of our international team and we’re happy that in 2021 we’ve pinned more countries on the map of where our people come from, these being:

As a matter of fact, in 2021 we’ve relocated someone from Colombia and Nigeria for the first time.

Having said this, by the end of this year we’ll be counting 34 nationalities in our team, each of them bringing on board beautiful aspects of their own culture, even more foreign languages and the same passion for travel.

Nationalities distribution

Women power

Although we still have work to do on the gender diversity, we are proud to have 30% of our team represented by women who hold key positions in engineering, product, analytics, operations, design. Each of them brings on board great experience and their own unique traits that contribute to our success. With our current strong recruitment team we’re confident and ambitious about our plans to increase diversity in the new year as our roles are open to people from all ethnic groups, genders, sexuality, ages, and abilities and we welcome everyone to our big family.

Talent is everywhere

Looking back at how we got to grow this beautiful team we have today, it is a fact that most of our new members have shown interest and applied to our openings while some have been sourced by our team. However it is important to recognize that 8 of our new hires came via a referral of our team members, who now enjoy a referral bonus as a sign of appreciation for bringing more talent on board and searching for the best to commit to our mission.

In 2022 we are aiming at adding even more talent to the team and count 200 FTE by the end of next year. If you want to join us and help us achieve our goal, have a look at our openings and get in touch!