Our people: Svetoslava - the first champion in our customer service team

Svetoslava joined FindHotel in May 2019. What started as a part time student job turned into a long term collaboration, one that took her to the team lead position. She makes a great impact by raising the standards on how we treat our customers together with the customer support team every day. Below is her story.

The path to FindHotel

It was the end of my second year of my business studies in Amsterdam, and I knew it was the perfect time to start looking for opportunities to apply my knowledge in practice. I was not completely sure what this job search would lead me to, but I was excited to see the outcome. Since everyone said job hunting would be a long time consuming process, I prepared myself with patience and began looking for a part-time position a few months in advance.

Unexpectedly, after just a few searches, I landed on FindHotel’s website, from a job portal supported by my university. There was a new opening for a part-time support position in a relatively new travel company, based in Amsterdam. Who doesn’t like traveling and who wouldn’t be excited to help people get great deals worldwide? Those were my initial thoughts after seeing the posting. As a climber for more than 10 years, I could immediately relate to the company’s mission and decided this could be what I was looking for.

I wasn’t wrong — a sneak peek from the day we went to fly with balloons, Netherlands, 2020.

The interview

Just a day later after I had sent my application in, I received a response from Caroline, the recruiter at FindHotel at that time. ‘’Would you be able to come by the office for a chat?’’, how happy I was to see this message. Anyways, this was just the beginning.

During the interview, I was so impressed by the people and the office environment - most of the employees were enjoying some food or drinking a coffee, some were playing pool or table tennis in the ‘fun’ room, everyone was very happy and friendly. Is that how offices really work? I was prepared to get ‘serious’, I was taking the next step to work for a company and be a business person, right? Mike, my first manager, did not take the smile off his face during the whole interview and I had the best chat ever! I completely forgot it was actually an interview.

After a week or so, my official journey at FindHotel started. I was the first member of our Customer Support team, and was proud to be part of the company!

The growth of Customer Support at FindHotel

Over the last two years, the department and our company grew significantly. Starting with just a few messages and barely having a customer inbox, to growing the customer support team to 16 people, providing 24/7 support to our customers worldwide and recently launching our chat feature.

In the meantime, I had the amazing opportunity to grow into a team lead role in less than 2 years since joining, and this has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me so far. The only thing even more exciting than that is what is coming next! We are climbing our way to providing the best customer experience ever!

Never stop climbing, Plovdiv 2020.

The FindHotel way of things

What I love most about working at FindHotel is definitely the opportunity to learn, grow and make an impact, which of course is hugely related to the people in the organization. I have the pleasure to meet and work with so many unique, smart and inspiring people, and if I need to point out one thing that makes FindHotel the place to be, that would be my answer.

Secondly, the flexibility of working from the office in the heart of Amsterdam or from any cliff around the world is a huge benefit, introduced long before Covid.

Last but not least, the support and understanding received from the team in any given moment - good or bad - is something I have never imagined in the professional world.

A good way to start the work day, Spain 2021

If you ever wondered what are the limits to working remotely at FindHotel, look below - Bulgaria, 2020.

We have many openings currently at FindHotel so check them out and who knows, maybe you'll start your own growth path with us!