Recruitment process (Engineering)

We interview 100s of people monthly and plan to hire over 30 engineers in the next 9 months. To help all candidates, this blogpost outlines FindHotel’s engineering recruitment process and gives tips on how to navigate it more effectively.

The engineering recruitment process consists of three main topics. In the next section we will provide more details about the content of each interview step and some tips on what to expect.

  • Motivation and cultural fit (week 1) - recruiter interview, and hiring manager interview
  • Technical fit (week 2) - technical assignment and technical interview  
  • Work as part of the team (week 3) - mutual assessment day

After each step our recruitment team provides feedback to candidates within a couple of days. We aim to complete the entire process within 3 to 4 weeks and the recruiter will be in close contact with you along the way.

Useful Tips

During the recruitment process every interviewer will be helping you along the way with hints, tips and clarifying questions. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about you while letting you do the same about us. During most interview steps you will have 10-15 min to ask questions. So, make the best out of this time and learn as much as possible about FindHotel and the role. Do not hesitate to ask the different interviewers the same questions. These are different people and they will bring their own perspective with their answers.

In some of the interviews you will be asked behavioural questions about past experiences. We appreciate great detail, focus on data and understanding how you have helped to move the needle. We have found that the best way for candidates to answer such questions is using the S/TAR method. Do not worry, if you deviate from answering using this method, the interviewer will guide you with clarifying questions. Hence, listening carefully is important.

Recruitment interview - this is a screening interview with one of our recruiters. This is a great opportunity for you to share more about yourself and your interest in FindHotel. You can expect to have a conversation where you discuss your past experience, team environment, what you like the most in your work and your understanding of FindHotel and what we do. Hence, do not miss out on learning more about FindHotel by reading our blog.

Hiring manager interview - an interview with the hiring manager. This is your first chance to prepare solid questions and deep-dive to learn more about the actual job from the person who knows best what you will be doing and what the expectations are. Do not miss out on this opportunity!
In addition, you can expect a conversation that deep-dives into your past experience with a focus on one of FindHotel’s values such as Deliver Results or Take Ownership. Often the hiring manager will ask you a behavioural question or two, so be prepared to share some of your past experience using as many as possible details.

Technical assignment - this is a coding assignment. Sometimes the topic could be somewhat open-ended and you will have to make assumptions and design choices with the information you have and based on your past experience. Be bold and build something really great that helps you show us your strengths from writing documentation through testing to building clean-code solutions.
If you have a public presence or you have recently completed an assignment for another company, feel free to share this with our recruiter and maybe this will be enough to replace our technical assessment.

Technical interview - this interview is fully focused on your technical knowledge and most questions will be related to the technical assignment that you have submitted in the previous step. Be prepared to reason about your decisions and the assumptions you made while preparing the assignment. Be prepared to be challenged and ready to build on top of the questions from the interviewer(s). Sometimes the interviewer(s) can ask you about a situation in the past that is similar to your solution and would like to understand how did you make decisions and build the “right“ solution. Hence, it is great to have a few stories that you can share in great detail.

Mutual assessment day - this is a 4-6 hour day that consists of additional interviews and working on a task with one of FindHotel’s squads. The schedule of the day differs for the different job opportunities and seniority levels. The ultimate goal is for you to experience how it is to work in a team at FindHotel. It is a mutual assessment day, so please assess us too. The most important tip we can give you is to act as if you are already part of the squad and this is a normal working day. This will allow you to reduce the natural nervousness. This is important as we expect you to ask questions, reach out to the team via Slack or in person, clarify your solutions and ideas, and eventually deliver some working code and/or solution design the way it will happen in a normal working day.

Good luck!

We hope that these tips will help you prepare to the best of your abilities and will allow you to perform at your best throughout the interview process!