Our people: João - from Brazil to Amsterdam and back to Brazil

This is the story of João. He joined the team in August 2016 and all this time that he's been with the company, he has been living and breathing our values, positive at all times and always greeting everyone with a smile on his face. This year, we will celebrate with him his 5th anniversary with FindHotel.

Trip to Vietnam, 2020

It was New Year's Eve dinner in Dec 2015, and my wife and I had no idea how that night would change drastically the next years of our lives. We were talking to some cousins who were living in the Netherlands and they made such a great advertisement of the country that we decided it was time to move. I had just finished University and she had just sold her business so it seemed like the perfect moment to try something new. And never, not even in our best dreams, could we imagine we'd have such an amazing time.

Hi Joao, this is Oz, the CEO of FindHotel

We were determined to move under any circumstances, but I was hoping to find a Digital Marketing position in the travel sector and, guess what: I found a startup called FindHotel recruiting for a paid search position. I put quite some effort into writing a great cover letter and, to my surprise, I got the CEO's attention with a direct answer. Our first recruiter,  Caroline, was just joining around that time, but I like to think it was because my message was special that I got a direct answer :)
After talking a bit by email, I got into the recruitment process and in August 2016 my FindHotel journey started.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The first year was incredible: working with people from so many different nationalities and backgrounds in an area I loved kept me excited and enthusiastic about going to work every day. We were growing fast and I could see the results that our team was generating. By that time, we had our company trip to Prague, many fun events like Rock Climbing, bowling, bubble football and more. I joined when we were around 15 people and one year later we were already over 30.

By the end of 2017, though, our ship got into some rough waters. Our numbers were not as good as before and we were having a hard time. At this point, something very special happened that caught my attention: while most companies in a crisis would try hiding it from employees, FindHotel was extremely transparent at all times, and every single person in the company knew what was going on, how our financials were and what it meant for our company and for our jobs. I believe that especially due to this transparency and always fair way of handling people, FH's team worked twice as hard during that period to get our ship sailing again into nicer seas. In January 2018, we were already out of war mode and the company growth started again at a nice pace.

My first team at FindHotel, the Performance marketing team

It’s all about the opportunity

Personally, I was growing as a performance marketer and so was the team. What was initially a team of a few people, had transformed into a 10 person Customer Acquisition team managing multiple different performance channels. At a certain point I got the opportunity to become team lead and that was another great learning and development opportunity.

FindHotel cares about its people and there are always new opportunities arising where you can challenge yourself and grow further. It was my personal goal to have new opportunities within Business Development and as a Product Manager - I hoped I'd be able to achieve these goals within FH. Happily, during 2020 I managed to make a career change to our Partnership Team into a new area we were building and in 2021, another opportunity came up and I transitioned once again to become a Product Manager at our Retention & Engagement squad, working with some brilliant engineers and designers to build a product our customers love and want to come back to.

Back to origins

To complete all these changes, my wife and I decided to take our chances in Brazil once again, and by the end of 2020, while changing teams I also moved back to Brazil to have our first child, so I'm now part of the FH Remote crew.

It's been a crazy and incredible journey and I'm proud of what FindHotel is becoming and grateful for being part of it - FH is not only the place I work, but is actually part of my "dutch family". We're on a tough journey, trying to disrupt the huge accommodation market, and I'm sure that with our great people we're leading towards a nice direction and building a relevant and impactful product for our customers.

Me and my wife at a team event

João, Product Owner @FindHotel