FindHotel Family Facts and Figures

At FindHotel we love data, and we love our team. So what if we put both together? Then we get some fun facts and figures about the people at FindHotel, and a chance for the outside world to get to know us a bit better.

25 new hires in 2020

2020 has been a turbulent year in the online travel industry (and beyond), but for FindHotel it has been a year of great team growth. We had a lot of newcomers joining in the first quarter of the year and kept hiring at a slower pace in the months to follow. After summer, things have been ramping up and we closed the year with 25 new team members. Apart from hiring across engineering, data and product we set up whole new teams such as Partnerships management and Customer Support.

Our veterans: 17 colleagues have been in the team for more than 3 years

Not only did we celebrate a lot of new joiners in the team, we also celebrated many anniversaries. Four of our colleagues (next to our Founder) have been part of the FindHotel family for 5 years or more. Omer is the veteran in the team: he joined the company back in 2013.

Another 13 colleagues joined us more than 3 years ago. Six of them have been working remotely since the beginning (in Sasha’s case after a short period in Amsterdam). Most of our longest serving team members are Engineers and have been part of many different teams. Especially our backend colleagues, who have seen several changes in our tech stack over the years.  While Ruby was the language of choice when they first joined, some of them have since worked with NodeJS, Golang and Elixir.

25 nationalities

The FindHotel team has always been highly international, with representation from many different continents and countries. During 2020 we went a step further and “conquered” new parts of the world. We discovered Asia is much bigger than India and Israel alone, as we hired our first team members from Taiwan and Iran. Africa also has a representative, with a South African colleague who landed in Amsterdam two years ago, and now we finally have Australia/Oceania represented as well (leaving us only to conquer Antarctica!).

Most of our colleagues are from Europe, but we also have plenty of Latin Americans in the team. Back in 2019 we finally discovered there was more to LATAM than just Brazil and hired our first Argentinian colleagues. In 2020 we kept expanding our horizons and learned about cows in Uruguay and places we should (not) visit in Venezuela.

And what about Europe? Whether we want to know about the best Belgian beers, the top spots in Romania or how to order a coffee in Polish - there is always a FindHotel colleague to ask. Last year we also planted the FindHotel flag in France, Greece, Portugal and Hungary. Inès, one of our newest team members, even represents 2 new countries holding both the French and Portuguese nationality. (Which led to an unsolved discussion whether macarons or pasteis de nata are the better choice).

20% women

Although our gender diversity in the FindHotel team still has not reached the level we would like, we’ve certainly come a long way. A couple of years ago we only had two women in the team, but  now we have grown our girl power to thirteen heads. As is the rest of the team, the girls are a mix of remote and on-site colleagues of many different nationalities (and even more languages!). Between us we speak 16 different ones, including Kanada, Swedish and Persian - and without counting programming languages.

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hindi, Kanada, Spanish, Russian , Romanian, German, Bulgarian, Swedish, Persian, Italian

More than 20 % remotes

In 2020 the whole world discovered the advantages of remote working. For us at FindHotel it was nothing new: we have already had fully remote team members since 2016. And now? We have many more. An Israeli working from Tanzania, an Italian in Poland or a Brit in France? Nothing surprises us anymore at FindHotel. We went from almost 15% remotes in pre-covid times to more than 20% now. Some of our Amsterdam-based colleagues even enjoyed the work-from-home times so much they decided to join the remote guild. Joao decided to move back to Brazil and Omer is temporarily trading beautiful Amsterdam for a place in the French Alps.

What’s next? More diversity!

One thing is clear: being part of FindHotel opens your horizons, as we have colleagues with different perspectives based on their background, place of residence and roots. Still, we would like to do much better on the level of diversity. Hiring a colleague from Antarctica might be challenging, but one of the goals for 2021 is surely to increase the representation of women in our tech team. And as always, to colour more countries on the “where do we come from” map.

If you want to become part of the FindHotel family, check out our openings :)