Our people: the one and only Guru

Guru joined FindHotel almost 3 years ago. In the very first months after joining the team he took full ownership of Data within Performance Marketing. He loves automation and he's always finding ways to make the processes faster and easier. Besides that, he also enjoys entertaining people and has a unique sense of humour as reflected in the story told by Guru himself.

Why do you want to join FindHotel?

‘Why do you want to join FindHotel?‘, Martin asked me during my interview on that afternoon in October 2017. Having taken a look at the website, I knew FindHotel tended to attract employees who enjoyed travelling. Unfortunately, (back then), I was not one of them. Fortunately, having spoken to the team, I knew they appreciated being direct. They were transparent at every step, and allowed me to be the same. And, that’s exactly what I told them: 'I do not know much about FindHotel outside of what I read on the blog. I enjoy the problems we worked on during the recruitment process, and I really like my future team.' And that was that.

Employees come first

3 years on, I think ‘Build Trust’ remains my favourite value at the company. We have had ups and downs like any other company, and I do enjoy the ups! But what really makes me love FindHotel is how during the downs, there is 100% transparency about our situation. If there is cause for concern, it is explicitly stated. If there is a plan to sail us out of a crisis, it is discussed on public slack channels. More importantly, there is always a re-assurance that the employees come first.

It's all about growth

I joined FindHotel as a growth analyst, focused on marketing, and over the years have worked with an amazing team to own multiple channels. What I love the most about this place is that while I get to grow in directions best suited to me, shielded from the usual corporate politics, I also feel secure in the company’s growth. Even during a pandemic, taking such a huge toll on the travel sector did not stop us from reaching greater milestones, and I feel the accomplishment of having contributed to this growth.

Another thing I love....

When I said earlier “what I love the most…” I might have chosen my words poorly. Of course, I can go back and fix the earlier sentence, but then how do you, the reader feel that this post is organic, and not planned! Anyway, point is, another thing I love about FindHotel is the people. Everyone is extremely dedicated to our mission, and the very diverse background of everyone allows me to learn new things constantly! Both professionally, and personally. I would put a good closing paragraph here, but there are channels to be analysed and more milestones to be broken, so I’ll leave this paragraph as an exercise to the reader for when they apply and join us at FindHotel.

Guru, Marketing Analyst @FindHotel