Our people: Sasha - leading the way to remote work

Sasha joined FindHotel as an intern over 4,5 years ago. When she decided to go back to Russia after her studies, we realised we just could not let her leave FindHotel. So she became the first employee to start working remotely and lead the way into what remote life is nowadays at FindHotel.

It all started with an internship

My story at FindHotel started four and a half years ago when I was looking for an internship in Amsterdam. I came from Moscow to study in the Netherlands and decided to make the most of it in many ways. One of which was to experience working in a multinational company where I could really learn and grow. My choice of applying at FindHotel back then was based on two things: the values the company was living by (especially the experimental mindset) and that there was another Russian-speaking guy - Kostia 😄

The people are our greatest asset

Already during the interviews a thing that really appealed to me was the people. I always wonder how come FindHotel attracts amazing assets: open minded, talented professionals who adore challenges. And most importantly people who are always here for you: to help with any task, to discuss an idea or to share how to cook an astonishing sweet Brazilian dessert. That was exactly the culture I was looking for. Now I'm a part of the best team ever that sends birthday presents even when you're thousands of km away, and a proud member of an international friendship community (e.g. my recipe dealer @Joao or this annoyingly awesome guy @Guru, but many more!).

Leading the way to remote work

Coming back to my professional path, in over 4 years I grew from an intern to a strong digital marketing specialist working a lot with data and complicated projects. I moved back to Moscow leading the way to remote work at FindHotel, so, you see, at FindHotel we were well prepared for the corona remote era. Now there's barely any difference if you work onsite or remotely: everyone is super helpful, the processes are working smoothly, jokes are being joked, so the only thing I miss is the after-lunch walks on the canals in Amsterdam.

The inevitable growth

Being surrounded (even remotely) by professionals, eager to share their knowledge, working with practical challenging tasks, makes learning new stuff fun, and constant professional growth inevitable. You're always welcomed to take on complex projects and you will be fully supported company-wide, but you also need to be critical about what you're doing and support the decisions with data. Meaning that what you do is really valuable and brings results. This growth and the great atmosphere around makes me really grateful for applying at FindHotel, and to FindHotel for taking me in the team.

Sasha, Performance Marketing Specialist @FindHotel