Our people: Iñigo - Data is not hype, data is our core!

Iñigo joined FindHotel in the beginning of this year as Data Engineer. He is another one of the several team members working remotely. While remote work is not new at FindHotel, it was definitely new to him. He is a true team-player and started building strong relationships with the team early in time when he also stepped up and showed how his insights can help our data platform.

Where it all started

It was the summer of 2019 and my life was about to change for good. Our son was due mid August and meanwhile we were waiting for our new apartment. Enough of a rollercoaster? Not for me. At about the same time I decided that it was time for a new challenge. I wanted to try something new, focus on my data engineering career and continue my professional growth. My wife thought I was crazy and I can’t blame her for it.

I came across FindHotel via LinkedIn, visited the website and researched a bit about the company on their careers site. It looked pretty amazing. An international environment, a well established data analytics culture, remote friendly… I really had to find out more!

When I first connected with Caroline, our recruiter, and we chatted a bit about the company and my goals, I knew I had to make it work. The recruitment process was the most challenging I have ever participated in. And, to be honest, I thought, and still think, that that’s one of the reasons for the success of the company. The aim is to hire the most talented people worldwide.

And guess what, by the end of 2019 I was signing my contract to join FindHotel in January 2020 as a full time remote data engineer from Spain. Yes, 2020 has been a crazy year for most of the world and I had decided to kick it off a bit earlier.

New year, new challenge

I joined FindHotel on January 7th, a day after the Three Wise Men holiday here in Spain. It was a very nice Christmas present. I had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam with my family, meet my new colleagues and go through an exciting on-site onboarding program that helped me understand the company inside out.

When you join FindHotel you instantly feel that it is the right place to be. You find the perfect balance between mentoring and challenge. Everybody is willing to help and trying to make your life easier. At the same time, they are also expecting you to show what you got.

Hey, I was helping with the integration of a new meta channel in our data pipelines a couple of weeks after joining. So, yes, you have to take ownership of your work from the very beginning. But let me tell you something, this is the best opportunity to learn and grow.

Data is not hype, data is our core!

As I said before, I joined FindHotel as a remote data engineer in the data squad. Two important things to notice here, remote and data engineer.

It was my first experience as a full time remote and it has been nothing but a pleasure since the very beginning. FindHotel is very remote friendly with all employees, even with local ones. A couple of months after I joined everybody moved to fully remote for a few weeks and the experience couldn’t have been better. Even though I am more than 1,000 km away from the office, I have never felt alone or isolated. My colleagues have always made me feel part of the team and the company. Seriously, for me the transition to fully remote has been extremely easy and rewarding.

As a data engineer, what can I say, FindHotel takes data to a whole new level. Here every decision is data driven: from marketing campaigns to product features; from financial reporting to company strategy. Here data is taken seriously. Feeling that your work is so much valued by your colleagues from all different squads makes it very satisfying. At FindHotel data is not hype, data is our core!

From Data Engineer to Engineering Lead in Data

The growth plan for engineers in FindHotel is remarkable. Anton, our Head of Engineering, has made a tremendous effort to develop our growth model. It is now very easy to see where you are in the ladder, which are the expectations for you and what skills you need to focus on in order to continue growing.

A couple of months ago I took on the role of Engineering Lead of the Data Squad. My goal is to help my colleagues with their growth and development. In the past I have had similar experiences, but there is a huge difference here: the company wants you to grow, so the whole organization will be there to support you in the process.

How does it sound? We have many open positions in the data space and in many other fields. If my story sounded appealing, you can have a look at the opportunities at FindHotel, and it might be you telling us your story in the future.

Iñigo, Engineering Lead in Data @FindHotel