Our people: Victor - Data>Backend>DevOps>Lead

Victor joined FindHotel in the summer of 2017 as Data Engineer. The team, company and product looked quite different back then, as you will understand from the story told by Victor himself. There is not a single place in the company where Victor has not left his mark or had a positive impact. He is a great example of the passionate and talented people that we’re always searching for at FindHotel, always proactive and keen on improving things, taking ownership and overall being a great team member!

First impressions are everything

Back in the day when I was living in Brazil, my home country, I was contacted by a recruiter about this Big Data Architect vacancy. The position was in a company that an ex-colleague was now working for, yet I knew nothing about the company besides that they were in the business of helping people to find hotels and had this ugly looking website.

The position itself looked quite interesting besides the hyped name of Big Data Architect. So, after pondering a bit about it and thinking that they would be better off hiring a designer, I decided to give it a try.

So, I said NO

To my surprise, the whole process was super pleasant. Everybody was friendly and understanding about my limited English. As the process went on, I got more and more excited about the company and the technical challenges, but especially the team.

At the end of the process, German, back then the Lead Data Engineer, contacted me to say that they would like me to join the company but as a Senior Data Engineer. I’ve got to say that I was expecting that as I was for sure not an architect and was neither in the Big Data league. Still, I was not sure about the change. I was joyful that they wanted me to join but I was not sure about the role as at the time I was excited to work as Lead Engineer. So, I said no!

...but they would not take a no

To my surprise, German asked to discuss my decision further in a call, and you know what, he convinced me. In the end, I was so impressed with the team, and the possibility of learning from them, that I changed my mind and decided to join. Fast forward, and a few months after joining, I got promoted to Lead Data Engineer and German to CTO.

I cannot stress enough how much of an incredible journey it has been since I joined. I went from a Senior Data Engineer to Lead Data Engineer, then moved to bootstrap and lead the Providers Integration and Content teams. I then worked with the Search Team, but this time as an individual contributor. Today, I am helping to lead the Engineering Enablement team and sharpening my DevOps skills.

All of that and during the same time that I learned a lot about how to build and market a customer-focused product. I have also had the pleasure of learning from different cultures by working alongside exceptional people from all around the world. But most importantly, I learned a lot about myself, my shortcomings and limitations, and how to overcome those.

How lucky was I

Looking back, I’m amazed at how lucky I was to end up in such a company. Moving from abroad with a wife and a small baby is not an easy thing. German, and Oz, our CEO, were always honest, responsible, and supportive of us coming from abroad. It’s unique to be in a place where people care about you and your family well being and are willing to foster that in the culture at every opportunity.

Along this journey, I’ve come to appreciate the ruthless focus of being pragmatic and always be looking to deliver results. At the end of the day, we are here to serve our customers, and remaining truthful to that is an exercise that I got propelled to do here more than anywhere else. I came to understand that if I look deep enough and I’m truthful with myself, I can always find what I need to deliver results.When I think back about the early days when our website had that 90’s look. I quickly understood that although everybody in the company was capable of doing something nice and shiny, helping our customers to find the best deals was and still is our first priority and mission!

Victor, Engineering Lead @FindHotel