The hiring process at FindHotel - what to expect?

The FindHotel team is growing fast and that means we are actively hiring across engineering, product, data and other areas. We believe building a great team is the key to success for any company and that is why we put a lot of effort and dedication to get recruitment right.

Hiring principles

Before reading about the different steps in our hiring process, this is what you should know about FindHotel’s approach to hiring:

  • Although technical skills are important to succeed, we value cultural fit and motivation even higher.
  • Our approach to hiring is collaborative, which means you will have a chance to meet several future colleagues during the process.
  • We hire globally for our Amsterdam office and, for some roles, we also consider full-time remotes: at the moment we have teammates of more than 15 nationalities and right now almost 20% of the team is working from locations around Europe, Russia and Brazil.
  • We don’t speak of “seniority” in terms of mere years of experience: the relevance of what you have done and your maturity and attitude are a lot more important.
  • We raise the bar high: we aim to hire the best talents to build an exceptional team of smart and passionate people. This means we focus on strengths and potential rather than on lack of weakness.

How to apply for a job at FindHotel?

All our current job openings are published on our career website and you can send your application via the “apply now” button. To get a better understanding of your motivation and expertise, we usually ask you to answer a couple of screening questions. A separate cover letter is optional: feel free to send it if you think it adds value!  

Good to know:

Although we are based in the Netherlands, our company language is English. So we prefer to get a CV in English!

After submitting your application you should get a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive it (check your spam!), something must have gone wrong!

Can’t find a suitable job opening? Don’t hesitate to send us an open application!

The first chat

If we decide to invite you to participate in the hiring process, we will contact you for a chat. In most cases this will be a video call with a recruiter. The aim of this call is to dig a bit deeper into your motivation and expectations, and get a general idea of your relevant background and expertise. On the other hand, we also use the chat to give you more information about FindHotel and to answer your general questions about the team and company.

Good to know:

To prepare for the call: have a look at other posts on our blog as well as our product, and feel free to do more research on social media or websites such as Glassdoor.

Try to find a quiet spot for the call and make sure you have a good enough internet connection.

The first stage of the process can be considered as a real preselection, where we only proceed with the ones we consider the best candidates. Be prepared and make a good first impression to maximise your chances to move forward.

Be critical and ask questions, so you know we're a good match for you too!

What happens next?

In most cases the next step will be a chat (either via video-conference, either on-site) with the hiring lead. Usually this will be the chapter lead or someone from our leadership team.

This conversation is still quite informal, though we will of course further investigate your strengths and fit for the role and team. It’s also a great moment to ask more (technical) questions from your side.

Good to know:

Often we have openings for the same type of role in different squads. During the chat with the hiring lead we usually start figuring out which role and squad would fit best.

Show us your skills!

For most roles (eg. engineering, UX, data, and marketing) we now move to the practical part of the hiring process. This means we will send you a home assignment, which usually requires a couple of hours of work. We always come up with our own questions/coding challenge to make sure it is as relevant as possible. For you it means that along the way you get a better understanding of what would be expected from you in the role you applied for.

After you submit your solution, we review your work and as a next step we organize a more in-depth interview (typically around 1-1.5 hours, with two colleagues). During this interview, we discuss your solution and also dig deeper into your technical skills and your previous experience and accomplishments.

Good to know:

For some roles we organize one or more in-depth interviews before moving to the practical part. Typically this is the case for leadership positions, where we might skip the home assignment and invite you directly to the office to work with us (see next step).

A taste of life at FindHotel

In the final stage you will actually be working with the team so you can get a real taste of life at FindHotel. For candidates living in or close to Amsterdam this means we invite you a day in the office, where you can meet your future colleagues and work together with them on real-life tasks. During the day, there is also some time for more informal encounters (e.g. over lunch or coffee breaks) with other people working in various areas of expertise at FindHotel.

Are you living far from Amsterdam? In most cases we will organize a remote day instead, although depending on the role and requirements we might still invite you to spend some time with the team in our beautiful city.

Finalizing the process

After this day we both decide if we want to work together. If the answer is yes, we discuss the details of our offer and the contract. Once everything is agreed, we are happy to welcome you in the FindHotel team and start the onboarding process!

Good to know:

We always include a reference check in this final stage of the hiring process.  

What’s next…

Would you like to know more? Read more articles on our blog, such as this one: Who are we looking for at FindHotel?

And keep an eye on what is coming next! Soon we will publish an article where we dig a bit deeper into the hiring process and how we evaluate candidates.  
Are you ready to start the hiring process? You can find our current job openings here!