March Madness At FindHotel!

We’d argue that the March Madness that took place at FindHotel might just be a bit more exciting than college basketball… but only just. Disclaimer: it doesn’t involve balls or hoops!

What it does involve, however, is bookings. A lot of bookings. For example, a user in France booked a 6 day trip to Anaheim, California… from their Sony Playstation! This unsung hero is one of the many who booked on FindHotel over the last couple of weeks - allowing us to reach +108% YoY growth in the number of room nights sold in March, which is a milestone we feel is worthy of a celebration.

Before we dive into the numbers, a little bit about us: we are on a mission to help travelers find the best hotel deals, worldwide. This means that we care about each individual traveler making a great, non-biased hotel selection at the best conditions in the market.

Coming back to the milestone, and because we love data, number crunching, and snazzy visualizations, we’ve lined up some fun facts about our recent growth:

  • We saw customers booking trips to 6,697 destinations, from 187 different countries, in 24 different languages using 17 different currencies.
  • We’ve had bookings coming from exotic origins, ranging from Greenland to Brunei to Mayotte to Isle of Man to Vanuatu.
  • Our largest booking (a 31,337 EUR stay!) came from a user in Spain, who booked a 8 night luxury stay at a resort in the Seychelles – now that’s a trip!
  • Our smallest booking (3.03 EUR stay!) came from a user in Cameroon, who booked a hostel in Vanuatu for 2 nights. Exotic! We don’t know anyone who has been to Vanuatu (or Cameroon…)
  • In the month of March we sold enough rooms to completely book all the hotels in Amsterdam - for three whole days!
  • Most importantly, we’re in the business of helping travelers find the best deal - in the month of March, we helped travelers save €1.7 million Euros! To put that into perspective - at the average nightly rate, our users could book an additional 16,000(!) nights with the savings alone. Talk about savings!

We’ve summarized some of these exciting data points, and added in a few new ones, in the infographic below:

Achieving milestones feels great, and our plan is to continuing doing just that. In order to keep our momentum, we’re looking for great people to join our team.

Here at FindHotel we might not count as many nationalities as booking destination countries, but we are a diverse bunch; we’re a team of 40+ enthusiastic individuals, spanning 18 different nationalities, based here in Amsterdam or working remotely. Now you’re probably curious about how we plan to continue growing - great, because we’re on the lookout for people who’d like to grow with us. Have a look on or reach out to us directly - we’d love to hear from you!