We are FindHotel

Last week we registered FindHotel BV as our new parent company, which will replace Innovative Travel. Going forward, FindHotel will be our single brand and focus.

As our core business shifts towards making hotel search a great discovery experience for customers, it is a good chance for us to reinforce our product and share one vision across the product and user-acquisition squads of the company.

We started the company 5 years ago, with a strong performance marketing focus, which is still our key differentiator among many competing companies in the space. Being in a mature industry, we find that the way to reach to potential customers in a cost-effective way is key and something we will continue to have at our foundation.

Now, we are set to add to the marketing core a product core. We are building the next generation of FindHotel to leverage the promise of hotel metasearch: We shall become an independent information source that gives users the power to find the right hotel at the best price.

While form will matter to FindHotel's success, tomorrow's products will be delivered across many usability formats and the key question is how to analyze and present the information to the users in an intuitive enough way to help them make the best decision.

On our mission we follow simple principles:

  • Aim to wow
  • Make sense of information
  • Ensure that our users make the right decisions

We’ll do that with the following ingredients:

  1. Over a Million accommodation options around the world, supported by a growing number of providers. We aim to reach a mix of large travel agencies (such as Booking.com and Expedia), discount travel agencies (such as Amoma and Elvoline) and the direct hotel websites (such as Ibis.com and Hilton.com) for every hotel, and compliment these with alternative accommodations, with inventory from the likes of Homestay, HomeAway and in the future many more.

  2. Data-driven performance marketing. Intent is key in the accommodation space, and other than improving our presence in paid-search channels such as Google Adwords, we will build a strong presence in new emerging channels such Facebook messenger, Slack and more, as these evolve into open marketplaces.

  3. An amazing engineering team. Serving Millions of monthly visitors, Making sense of the data of +1M accommodations, Managing search marketing presence in +500M auctions; these are all problems that require great software architecture, with scalability challenges in every place in the team from front-end to big data engineering.

If that sounds like something you would like to be part of, we are busy recruiting smart, challenge-loving people who have track record on similarly complex problems. We've got beautiful new offices in the heart of Amsterdam and have plenty of room for growth. Join us!