The road to a brand new hotel meta-search experience

At FindHotel, after years of hard work, experimentation, and analysis, we’ve become great at acquiring customers for our websites.

We do that through sophisticated search marketing campaigns and extensive data analysis, which helped us build a truly global audience of about 1M travellers that uses our platform every month to compare prices of hotel rooms across the globe and find great deals.

We couldn’t be happier. Or could we?

We believe that finding the right accommodation for your next stay (whether it’s a holiday or business trip) should be simple and, why not, fun!

The hard truth though is that nowadays the various online platforms offer solutions for choosing a hotel room following the “one size fits all” approach. As per today, we’re one of them; and we don’t quite like it.

Our next goal has shaped up clearly in the past few months: we want to stand out and build the next generation of hotel meta-search.

We have already started getting our head around the problem and we know we have to focus on a few core aspects:

  • user experience: we want our platform to be more user-centered, offering our visitors a website that adapts to their needs;
  • mobile: we want to offer a great experience on all devices, as more and more bookings are triggered from a tool that fits in our pocket;
  • performance: we want to provide a fast-as-lightning browsing, because nobody likes a slow, tedious navigation;
  • data-driven decisions: we want to keep on experimenting, because there’s always something to learn from our users.

It is definitely a big challenge, and we need talented people to tackle it. That's why we’re looking for brilliant minds to join our team in Amsterdam and help us turn FindHotel into the world’s most loved hotel meta search.

Will that be you?

Check out our current openings or get in touch with us!